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Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness."
Earl of Derby

What to expect

 One-on-One Personal Training and One-on-One Pilates training, personalized, individual total program developed just for you. Based on your current health and fitness status,I will  develop your personal fitness program just for yoitness, weight loss and wellness goals, helping you along the entire way. When working with our personal trainers, you'll be introduce to an "Integrated training". A concept that incorporates all forms of personal training in an integrated fashion as part of a progressive system. These forms of personal training Include: flexibility training, cardio respiratory training, core training, balance training, reactive training, speed, agility, and quickness training, and resistance training. u and your goals. I will motive you to work to your best ability at each workout, and encourage you to reach your goals.

Program consist in improving


   1. Postural & joint alignment assessment

   2. Core & Stabilization Training

   3. Flexibility & Range of Motion Training

   4. Cardiovascular & Endurance Training

   5. Strength, Hypertrophy & Power Training

   6. Weight Loss & Meal Planing



 I am 73 years old and I began my training with Lucie a year ago. I train with her for one hour three days a week. She is a wonderful trainer and a wonderful person. My health, weight, strength and balance have all improved with Lucie's help.

~ Mary Ann B, Berkeley, CA

 I feel so blessed that I found Lucie! I meet her under a year ago 20 lbs heavier. I had constant, horrible back pain, and felt sick and tired most of the time. Lucie as my trainer and I literally feel like she  saved my life. I lost 20 pounds (still more to go, but I feel so much better!),

check her out, especially my back pain is gone, and I feel great. Lucie even works with me on my balance and coordination (which was never great) - and even that is improving after 40 years of
being a non-athletic  person! I am so grateful to Lucie for helping me and keeping me on track. You should if you feel like you have already tried everything to get into shape and nothing ever has worked. This will. :)   

 ~ Theresa L. , North Berkeley, CA.


 Lucie is an excellent trainer.  She is very professional and knowledgeable.  She is always focused on her client.  She gives clear instructions and frequently demonstrates the exercise.  She

continues to introduce new things, but is also sensitive to my limits.  The pace of the workout is challenging but not exhausting.  Best of all, she is a warm caring person who is easy to be with.

 ~ Tom W. Berkeley, CA

 Lucie Le Blanc has changed my life. I started training with her about a year ago when I wanted help toning my arms. I started off going once a week, then I got hooked and am going twice a week now. At the beginning, I could barely hold a plank position, but today I'm proud to say that I can hold it for one minute!

 I love Lucie's well-rounded approach to fitness. She incorporates cardio, weight training, and yoga elements in all her workouts, and she's an enthusiastic coach. I can come into a session in a horrible mood, and by the end, I am all smiles. I also enjoy being around her because I never feel like she judges me or my body -- I feel she truly just wants me to do my best.

 After a year of working out, my arms look great, and others have even noticed changes in my body. I'm excited to continue training with Lucie and hope others will discover this Alameda secret.

 Kristin C. Alameda, CA


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